Thursday, October 21, 2010

White stuff on my nipples?

I usually have some white stuff on my nipples and Ive had it ever since Ive had breasts... I think it could be dried up milk, but dont u only make that when ur pregnant? Im not pregnant, I know that for a fact... is this normal, and what is it?White stuff on my nipples?
that is just like clogged up pores only it is your nipples =it won't last too long and nothing to worry about
Interesting never heard of that. Are you around babies alot. I have heard of women producing milk when they are around infants alot, but usually they have had children.
You should maybe talk to your Doctor about it.
hehe.. Dat's funni... I'm a guy and i also have dat white stuff coming out. it's quite fun squeezing it out. hahaha
Its better to have a doctors check-up on this, I read that white discharge is one of the symptoms of breast cancer. I hope I am wrong.. So better have your check-up and let the professional give you a good advice, let us know what the doctor will say. It will be informative for all of us...
Its probably prolactin but if your concerned see a doctor about it =]
Are you sure you mean nipples and not aureolae? Aureolae often have prominent Montgomery (lubricant) glands that may appear anywhere from the same color to white-tipped.

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